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Algonauti is a digital agency founded on principles of respect, positivity, and dedicated, hardworking individuals. We wholeheartedly embrace and implement a work-life balance ethos that empowers us to deliver our finest work.

Davide Papagni

Co-founder, Developer

Salvatore Ferrucci

Co-founder, Developer

Sinan Keskin


Gabriela Larregle


Mohsin Naeem


Cristina Remeneac

Fronted Developer

The Workspace Crafted by Developers, Tailored for Developers

As a fully distributed company, we’ve honed a formula that works. We’ve meticulously crafted our culture, daily workflow, and interactions to optimize both your productivity and happiness.

Remote work

You have the flexibility to work either from our stunning co-working space in southern Italy or remotely, according to your preferences.

Flexible work hours

As long as you consistently deliver excellent work, we don’t have strict constraints on whether it follows a conventional 9-to-5 schedule or another arrangement that suits you better.


You’ll have a dedicated mentor who will support your growth and development every step of the way, ensuring you have an advocate in your corner.

Competitive salary

We continuously track industry salary trends and offer above-market compensation to attract and retain top talent.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our team’s diversity and inclusion are among our highest priorities, as we firmly believe that mutual respect is not negotiable.

Study Friday

One day a week, you have the freedom to explore new ideas and share your knowledge with your colleagues, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.